How to see more wildlife

There’s something a little bit special about a wildlife encounter. It taps into a childlike sense of wonder that all too often remains hidden beneath our sensible adult facade. For a brief moment we’re transported to a simpler, more natural world, and reminded of how we fit into it. It’s a thrilling experience, and a […]

Wildlife Highlights of 2016

2016 was a fantastic year for wildlife on the West Cork stretch of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Calvin Jones takes a look back at some of the highlights…. With 2017 well underway I’m looking forward to the wonderful wildlife encounters the year undoubtedly has in store, but I also can’t help looking back at the […]

Christmas gifts with a wildlife twist

You know it’s coming. Big commercial brands have been pushing it since October, and yet somehow this most surreptitious of holidays still creeps under your radar. One day you glance at the calendar… and PANIC! Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, and with it the challenge of choosing something different, unusual and thoughtful for […]

9 top tips for feeding your garden birds

During the winter short days and long nights limit the time birds have to forage, while at the same time natural food becomes more scarce. Our garden birds have increasingly come to depend on the food we provide as an essential supplement to what they can find for themselves at this challenging time of year. According to bird conservation organisations like […]

Antlers at dawn: Killarney’s red deer rut

Sean O’Callaghan of Kerry’s Wild Side gives us the low-down on one of the most testosterone-charged events in the Irish wildlife calendar: the annual red deer rut at Killarney National Park in County Kerry. Each autumn as the first of the winter chills set in and the summer’s dying leaves stubbornly depart their branches, the […]

How to watch whales and dolphins

Whales and dolphins are an exciting part of Ireland’s wildlife. As an island nation perched on the edge of the north east Atlantic we have some of the best whalewatching in Europe right on our doorstep. We teamed up with UK optics company Hawke to bring you this in depth feature on how to spot whales and dolphins around the Irish coast, from […]

Kinabatangan — an incredible Borneo wildlife experience

The gibbon sat in a tree, gazing out across the turbid waters, its long, sinuous limbs somehow more graceful than gangly. It was the black variant of the endemic Bornean gibbon, and a magnificent specimen. As our guide manoeuvred the small boat to give us better views of one of Borneo’s most iconic primates, I took a second to look around at […]

Birdwatching for Beginners Revisited

With spring on its way, our resident birds getting ready for nesting season, and the prospect of  spring migrants just around the corner, this is the perfect time to revisit our popular series of articles on birdwatching for beginners. This series of four articles is a great introduction to birding, spanning everything from getting started, to bird watching equipment, to […]

Christmas gift ideas for wildlife and nature enthusiasts

What do you buy the wildlife enthusiast or nature lover for Christmas? It’s a conundrum faced by partners, families and friends every year. You’d think it would be easy… anything to do with wildlife would be perfect, right? But from long years of experience I know that we wildlife enthusiasts can be notoriously difficult to buy for. […]

Garden wildlife: it’s a jungle out there!

As another wildlife documentary draws to a close, I can’t help looking out of the window at our back garden: the patio, the lawn, the garden wall strewn with ivy, the flowers nodding their heads gently in the evening breeze. It all seems so quiet and mundane compared to the wondrous tropical ecosystem I’ve just witnessed […]

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