Live wildlife webcams from CJ Wildlife

Have you ever wanted a sneak peak into the lives of birds on or around the nest? The advent of live web streaming means that it’s now possible to keep a close eye on the nesting efforts of your favourite birds without the risk of disturbance. Thanks to live web cameras set up by organisations under licence from the […]

Humpback whale photo-bombs Dublin couple’s holiday snap

When it comes to the stars of the wildlife world humpback whales are definite A-listers, and like all stars they occasionally steal the limelight. This priceless moment, captured on a whale-watching trip off Hervey Bay in Australia, shows the moment a humpback spectacularly photo-bombed a Dublin couple’s holiday snap. Seeing a whale in the wild is up […]

Fantastic tips on wildlife film-making with your smartphone from the BBC

The BBC Natural History Unit is widely acknowledged as the best wildlife film-making department in the world. We’ve all seen the amazing footage they capture while creating some of the most iconic wildlife programmes ever made. But of course those shots demand professional cameramen and some of the most expensive high-tech video gadgetry on the market… or do they? Not necessarily […]

The puffins of Skellig Michael by Crow Crag productions

We just had to share this captivating video of the puffins on Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry. shot in June of this year by Peter Cutler for Crow Crag Productions. You’ve got to love puffins — they have a comical charisma all of their own, although, truth be told I personally have a soft spot for razorbills. Enjoy! Puffins from Crow […]

Underwater whale footage… with broom-cam!

The BBC and National Geographic have gizmos like “Turtle Cam”, featuring cutting edge remote filming technology. Here at Ireland’s Wildlife we have a camera strapped to a broom. It works better than you might think. Check out the video below of a young minke whale visiting the Cork Whale Watch vessel The Holly Jo on a recent trip. […]

Know your crows — how to identify corvids with the BTO

Given clear views on the ground adult crow species generally present few ID problems… but throw juveniles into the mix, and birds in flight at distance, and they become surprisingly tricky. There are clues you can use to identify crows accurately even in these situations. In this video the BTO run through the common crow […]

Kilcoole Little Tern Conservation Project: a video documentary

Andrew Power and Peter Cutler produced this fabulous documentary offering insight into the Little Tern breeding colony at Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow, and the ongoing efforts to protect them. Little terns are Ireland’s smallest tern species, and one of our rarest breeding seabirds. The colony in Kilkoole is Ireland’s largest. For more information check out the […]

Bird Identification: telling black redstart and common redstart apart

The BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) has produced a superb series of bird ID videos to help birders tell commonly confused species apart. The latest instalment in the series tackles the differences between black redstart and the rarer (in Ireland) common redstart. The most likely time to encounter either of these birds in Ireland is […]

Know your Winter Thrushes: Fieldfare and Redwing ID from the BTO

Every winter our resident blackbirds, song thrushes and mistle thrushes are joined by an influx of visiting northern European thrushes: fieldfare and redwing. The birds usually start to arrive from late September / early October, and stay until early March… with some lingering a little later. Redwing are songthrush sized, and are possible to confuse […]

How do they make high-end binoculars?

I stumbled across this video on Twitter yesterday. It offers a bit of insight into the manufacture of high end binoculars and optics for birding and nature watching from the perspective of a pair of Swarovski Optik’s flagship binoculars — the EL Swarovision range. While this is a Swarovski video, I’m sure there are parallels […]

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