State of the Environment report highlights need for “transformational change” say’s Ireland’s EPA

Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its sixth landmark State of the Environment report, providing an integrated assessment of the overall quality of Ireland’s environment, the pressures being placed on it and our responses to current and emerging environmental issues. “Transformational change needed to deal with climate change and other risks to our health […]

White-tailed eagle chicks fledge successfully in 3 counties

A total of six white-tailed eagle chicks successfully fledged from five nests in three different counties in 2016, making this the most successful year to date in the long-term reintroduction programme for this iconic bird of prey in Ireland. Eight pairs of white-tailed eagle attempted to breed and successfully laid eggs in 2016 and five pairs […]

New whale species for Ireland: Bowhead Whale confirmed at Carlingford

The Irish Whale and Dolphin group (IWDG) has confirmed that an unidentified whale seen and photographed by the crew of a pilot vessel at the mouth of Carlingford Lough yesterday is a young bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus). This Arctic whale species has never been recorded before in Irish water, and fittingly becomes the 25th whale and dolphin […]

Successful convictions in Waterford raptor case

On 09 March in Dungarvan District Court the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) secured successful convictions in a high-profile wildlife crime case. The court convicted four felons of crimes relating to targeting and killing of protected birds of prey during the 2014 breeding season. The case began more than two years ago, in March 2014, when NPWS conservation […]

Ireland’s Wildlife delighted to extend bird food partnership

With winter arriving and the annual Birdwatch Ireland Garden Birdwatch imminent we’re entering high season for feeding our garden birds. Against that backdrop Ireland’s Wildlife is delighted to announce that we’re extending our partnership with CJ Wildlife as our official Bird Food and Garden Wildlife Supplier. Operating in Ireland through its Irish portal, CJ Wildlife is […]

All Ireland Pollinator Plan good news for bees…. and for people

A new island-wide plan to halt the decline in Ireland’s bees and other pollinators was officially launched yesterday by the National Biodiversity Data Centre. Backed by by 68 governmental and non-governmental organisations across the Island of Ireland, the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-2020 identifies actions we can take on our farmland, public land and private land to […]

Rare beluga whale sighting off Antrim coast

A rare beluga whale, a species usually only found in Arctic and sub-arctic waters, was captured on camera off the Antrim coastline late last week.   This is the first confirmed report of this rare cetacean in Irish waters since the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) started keeping systematic sightings records in 1991 and only the third ever. The […]

Sad news as Irish white-tailed eagle chick dies of natural causes

News broke yesterday of a devastating development for the family of white-tailed eagles in Glengarriff, Co. Cork when it was announced that the 10 week old chick had died in the nest of natural causes just days before it was expected to fledge. One of five pairs of white-tailed eagle breeding in Ireland this year, the Glengarriff […]

Irish white-tailed eagles hatch chicks in four counties

The Irish white-tailed eagle reintroduction project has received a much-needed boost with news that five pairs, spanning four Irish counties, now have chicks in the nest. According to a press release issued by the Golden Eagle Trust, of the eight pairs that attempted to breed this year, eagle chicks have now hatched at sites in Glengarriff, West […]

Resident killer whales could die out due to pollution

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) has expressed concern that Ireland’s only resident group of killer whales (Orcinus orca) could be dying out due to the long term effects of marine pollution. Known as the Scottish west coast community group, the killer whale pod is the only known resident pod of this apex marine predator […]

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