Gear Review: CJ Wildlife Apollo “Easy Clean” Seed Feeder

Apollo Seed Feeder

Pros: Quality finish and materials. Robust construction. Easy and convenient to dismantle and clean (no tools required). Innovative “feeding rings”. Ventilation system keeps food fresh.

Cons: None so far.

Rating: Highly Recommended

Price: from €21.95 for the 3-port feeder to €31.95 for the 7-port feeder

An excellent all-round seed feeder that’s built to last from quality components. Super convenient to dismantle and clean — probably the best bird feeder I’ve ever used.

Check out the range of Apollo “Easy Clean” seed feeders on the CJ Wildlife website.

Full Review

I’ve been using the 3-port Apollo “Easy Clean” seed feeder from our official Garden Bird Food Partner, CJ Wildlife in the Ireland’s Wildlife garden throughought the winter and have to say that it’s performed superbly.

On one level I guess a feeder is a feeder is a feeder — the birds don’t really seem to mind that much, it’s the food inside that matters most. But where the Apollo range of feeders really comes into its own is with ease of use… particularly when it comes to the very important task of keeping your feeders clean.

The blurb on the CJ Wildlife website promises that the feeders can be dismantled for cleaning in as little as 10 seconds. Claims like that just beg to be challenged… so I did.

It turns out the claim is more than just marketing hyperbola. The Apollo’s clever “click and release” system really does mean you can remove the top and bottom of the feeder, and unsnap the feeding ports, in well under 10 seconds if you really try (with the three port feeder at least — larger feeders may take marginally longer). It’s so easy to disassemble, clean, dry and reassemble the feeder, and you don’t need any tools. That means you’re more likely to clean your feeders more often — and that’s good for garden bird hygiene.

Dismantling the ApolloAnother big plus for the Apollo range of feeders is that they are very well made. They feel like a premium product, and a lot of care and attention to detail has obviously gone into their design and construction. The heavy-duty polycarbonate tube is robust, and the fixtures and fittings are al metal, with a tough anodised coating that show no signs of wear after an intensive winter season of heavy usage. While the Apollo feeders may cost a little more than basic feeders, there’s every reason to believe that they’ll outlast them.
The Apollo sports other attractive features too — like feeding rings that allow birds to feed in a more natural forward facing position — which gives them better all-round visibility to watch for potential predators. House sparrow enjoying the Apollo FeederThe off-set spacing of the feeding ports gives the birds adequate space to feed, and means that birds higher on the feeder aren’t dropping waste on the birds underneath them… so it’s more hygienic. Clever ventilation ports in the lid allow air to circulate, minimising condensation inside the feeder and keeping food fresher for longer, and a handy thread built into the base makes it easy to attach the feeder to a range of poles and feeding accessories.

As far as bird feeders go the Apollo is certainly a step up from your run-of-the-mill offering. They are a bit pricier than standard feeders, it’s true, but if you’re looking for convenience and quality in a feeder that’s going to last, you won’t go far wrong.

Check out the range of Apollo “Easy Clean” seed feeders on the CJ Wildlife website.


Ireland's WIldlife Official Bird Food Partner CJ Wildlife is Ireland’s Wildlife’s “Official Bird Food Partner” and supplies bird food and feeders for the Ireland’s Wildlife garden, competition prizes and other garden wildlife related products from time to time.

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