Irish Wildlife Trust: Conserving Ireland’s Wildlife and Habitats

The Irish Wildlife TrustThe Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) is a nationwide Non Government Organisation (NGO) that focuses on raising awareness and promoting understanding of Ireand’s wildlife and habitats and their conservation.

Founded in 1979 as a charitable conservation body, the IWT is a nationwide organisation with branches in Dubling, Limerick, Waterford and Cork.

The main thrust of the organisation’s work centres around the themes of Wildlife Education, Wildlife Awareness, and Campaigning and Lobbying on willdlife and habitat related issues both nationally and internationally.

You can find more information on the activities of the IWT, how to join, and much more on the website. You’ll also find a very active IWT page on Facebook.

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  1. Hugh Doyle says:

    Black bush GC dunshaughlin 8th hole noticed little salamanders in green side pond. Is this unusual. Hugh Doyle

  2. mary sullivan says:

    Have had at least 4 lizards at my back door. Usually arrive at night when it’s raining. This is over the last 4 weeks.

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