IWT and Biology.ie team up to encourage citizen science

Citizen Science in action: interactive Biology.ie sightings map on the IWT homepage

The Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT) and wildlife records and mapping website Biology.ie have joined forces to encourage more people in Ireland to submit their wildlife sightings online.

According to a post on the IWT website the hope is that the initiative will “contribute to the growing level of ‘citizen science’ in Ireland”.

Visitors the the IWT homepage will now see an interactive map showing the latest wildlife sightings submitted via the Biology.ie sightings portal, and will be able to link directly to the Biology.ie website to enter their own wildlife sightings.

“We hope this new interactive feature will engage people in the natural world, help them put names on the plants and animals around them and help national conservation efforts in a genuine way,” said the IWT.

By submitting your wildlife sightings through convenient online recording systems you’re helping to build a more complete picture of species distribution and population density around the country. Aggregated sightings data submitted by interested observers and wildlife enthusiasts adds significantly to the body of knowledge on Irish biodiversity, leading to better conservation decisions, more effective allocation of limited resources and more inform environmental policy.

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