New Ireland’s Wildlife Promotional Posters

Ireland's Wildlife Poster

I put together these posters this week as part of the display for our stand at the Birdwatch Ireland West Cork Branch Christmas Fair in Clonakilty this afternoon. We’ll be at O’Donovan’s Hotel on the main street along with lots of other craft and wildlife stalls, including the Birdwatch Ireland, the IWDG and Cork Whale Watch. If you’re in West Cork this afternoon why not call in and say hello?

I thought I’d share the posters with you here.

Feel free to share them, download them (right click, save image as — or something similar), use them as your desktop wallpaper, print them out and stick them up where people will see them… use them however you want to… but please leave the Ireland’s Wildlife branding and message intact.


Ireland's Wildlife Poster 2

Ireland's Wildlife Poster 3

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