Species-rich Areas Pitted Against Each Other in Annual Biodiversity Challenge

BioBlitz brings volunteers and experts together to catalogue Irish biodiversityThe gloves will be well and truly off later this month as five of Irelands most iconic and species rich wildlife areas compete for the title of National BioBlitz Champions 2011.

BioBlitz 2011 will take place during a 24 hour period on the weekend of 20-21 May. This year teams of scientists, students and the general public at Ballycroy National Park, Co Mayo; Dromore Woods, Co Clare; Killarney National Park, Co Kerry; Liffey Valley Park, Waterstown, Dublin 20 and Raven Wood Nature Reserve, Co Wexford will vie for the title claimed by Connemara National Park last year with a massive 542 species over the 24 hours.

BioBlitz is a unique event that helps highlight the wealth of biodiversity on our doorstep, and reveals how scientists use their skills and expertise to study wildlife in the field. This year’s “Blitz” will commence at 17:00 on Saturday the 20 May, and will finish at 17:00 on Sunday the 21 May.

If you’d like to find out more about BioBlitz 2011, or join in with one of the teams at a location near you, get in touch with the National Biodiversity Data Centre on info@biodiversityireland.ie or give them a call on 051 306 240

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