Peanuts for peanuts — 30% off — order yours now!

We’ve just heard from our Official Garden Wildlife Partner CJ Wildlife that they’re offering 30% off their premium whole peanuts and 10% off all of their peanut feeders until the end of March. Peanuts are an excellent energy-packed source of nutrition for birds.  With nesting season looming, adult birds need to pack in as much nourishment as possible, […]

9 top tips for feeding your garden birds

During the winter short days and long nights limit the time birds have to forage, while at the same time natural food becomes more scarce. Our garden birds have increasingly come to depend on the food we provide as an essential supplement to what they can find for themselves at this challenging time of year. According to bird conservation organisations like […]

Book Review: Ireland’s Birds; Myths, Legends and Folklore

Birds have always held a special draw for me. It was a a fascination with birds that first kindled my interest in wildlife as a youngster. I guess you could say that they were my first wildlife love, and while I’m interested in all sorts of wildlife today, birds will always hold a special significance. I suspect many wildlife enthusiasts have […]

Hooded Crow (Corvus cornix)

The hooded crow, grey crow or “hoodie” as it’s sometimes called, is almost identical to the closely related carrion crow (Corvus corone) except for its distinctive grey and black plumage. The two birds are so similar in fact that until recently they were considered to be different races of the same species, but now hooded […]

Book Review: The Helm Guide to Bird Identification

Have you ever struggled to tell your bar-tailed from your black-tailed godwit? How about differentiating your dabbling ducks, or getting to grips with gulls and grebes? No matter how experienced a bird watcher you are, there are always species that will prove tricky, and there will be times (sometimes lots of them) when you’re not quite sure what species […]

Raptors in the firing line on national radio show

A social media storm is brewing surrounding an ill-informed and disturbingly inaccurate radio interview about birds conducted on the Pat Kenny Show on national Irish radio station Newstalk FM yesterday (Wed 14 January). On the show, host Pat Kenny (pictured left) introduced Biochemistry Professor, Luke O’Niell (yes, you read that right — a professor of biochemistry), about the massive decline […]

Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)

They say familiarity breeds contempt… and, in the case of the chaffinch that’s probably true. The male chaffinch in its full breeding regalia is one of our most colourful and striking birds. If it wasn’t for the fact that we see them so often we’d marvel at these colourful little finches. The chaffinch is found […]

Digging, for the birds!

Regular IW contributor Albert Nolan reflects on how a bit of winter digging benefits the bird life in his garden.   It was a day when you would have fought to have a shovel in your hand as the icy wind slipped easily through layers of clothes. I was finishing off a new bed that I had […]

Birding for Beginners: The Next Steps

In this, the final  feature in our four-part series on beginning birdwatching in association with Meopta Optics, we take a look at some ways you can take your budding birding hobby to the next level. Birding is an exciting and diverse hobby that has something for everybody. One of the real beauties of catching the bird watching […]

Birding for Beginners: bird watching equipment

In this feature, the third in our four-part series on beginning birdwatching in association with Meopta Optics, we take a look at some of the equipment owned by birders, and how choosing the right equipment will help you to develop your bird watching skills. While it’s true that all you need to start your bird watching […]

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