Out of the blue: Ireland’s blue whales photographed

Blue whales are perhaps the most evocative and spectacular of all the great whale species. The largest animals ever to have lived on earth, there’s an almost mythical quality surrounding these ocean giants. Hunted almost to extinction at the height of the whaling boom the species is thought to be recovering slowly. According to the IWDG […]

Incredible photograph of blue whales in Irish waters

Two blue whales cruise the waters 80-100 nautical miles off Ireland’s south coast The Irish Air Corps captured some phenomenal images last week when they encountered fin whales and two incredibly rare blue whales in Irish waters near the continental shelf edge about 80-100 nautical miles off Ireland’s south coast. The Irish Whale and Dolphin […]

IWDG research vessel spots blue whales off Ireland’s continental shelf

The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group’s (IWDG) recently relaunched research vessel the RV Celtic Mist has recorded an impressive 11 cetacean species on its maiden research and training voyage, including the elusive blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus). Setting sail from Dingle in County Kerry on Monday 03 September, the Celtic Mist headed off on a week long Marine […]

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