Island Bioblitz — head offshore for a wild weekend!

I’m off to the stunning Cape Clear Island off the coast of West Cork tomorrow to take part in Ireland’s first ever Island Bioblitz. I was a member of the Bioblitz team at Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve in 2012. It was a fantastic event and a great excuse to take time out and spend a whole weekend immersed in […]

Christmas gift ideas for wildlife and nature enthusiasts

What do you buy the wildlife enthusiast or nature lover for Christmas? It’s a conundrum faced by partners, families and friends every year. You’d think it would be easy… anything to do with wildlife would be perfect, right? But from long years of experience I know that we wildlife enthusiasts can be notoriously difficult to buy for. […]

Irish Wildlife wins prestigious national magazine award

Irish Wildlife, the membership magazine of the Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT), has won the “Customer Magazine of the Year” category in the prestigious Irish Magazine Awards 2013. Irish wildlife is a quarterly magazine that showcases wildlife, nature and conservation issues, feature articles and news from all over Ireland. Its unique blend of high quality editorial, […]

“State of Nature” raises a red flag for Irish wildlife

The recent “State of Nature” report published in the UK highlights the staggering and shocking decline of some of our nearest neighbour’s most iconic wildlife species. The figures from the report — compiled by 25 of the UK’s top wildlife organisations — make for a sobering read. 60% of the species surveyed have declined over recent […]

Ireland’s Wildlife Calendar: Summer

Summer in Ireland means long days, with sunny periods (sometimes quite lengthy ones) interspersed with showers and longer bouts of rain. Temperatures begin to rise in early summer, and the Irish countryside comes alive with a kaleidoscope of colourful wildflowers and the industrious hum of pollinating insects. It’s a fantastic time of year… and there’s […]

Wildlife Podcast Ponderings….

So… the arrival of the Zoom H2N audio recorder for review at IWHQ has rekindled a question I’ve been pondering since setting up Ireland’s Wildlife a few years back — should I include a weekly / monthly audio podcast in the mix of content? I’m thinking something short… initially anyway. Would include a mix of […]

Vanguard slash price of ED binoculars

I’ve just found out that Vanguard has slashed the price of its impressive ED binoculars, AND is offering a further £20 cash back between now and the end of July through UK retailers. The offer officially runs from 01 May to 31 July and the cash-back deal applies to all models in the Endeavor ED […]

A natural remedy for a hectic lifestyle

Life these days is a bit of a dizzy whirlwind. With work pressures, children, ever-present household chores and sundry other demands on our finite sliver of attention, it can be hard to find time for nature. But I find taking even a little “time out” to connect with the natural world around me, even if […]

Feed the birds this winter and look what might visit your garden: or perhaps NOT!

Oh dear! Last week I received an email newsletter from (I bought a kitchen appliance through the site about a decade ago and have been on their mailing list ever since). Part of the mail was promoting an Irish business that offers wild bird food. I was delighted to see feeding wild birds high […]

Share your Ireland’s Wildlife photographs on Flickr

Ireland’s Wildlife now has a brand new Flickr group, where you can share your images of Irish nature with the rest of our online community. Flickr is one of the world’s leading photo-sharing websites (now owned by the Yahoo! network) and makes it really easy to share, comment and discuss photos online. Members have already […]

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