Watch out for hibernating hedgehogs

This weekend, while out in the garden clearing a build-up of dead leaves and layers of last-season’s montbretia foliage, I uncovered a prickly, but very welcome surprise. A hibernating hedgehog! Its spines flexed involuntarily, once… twice… and then it was still again. I whipped out the smartphone and took one quick photograph (above), before replacing the leaf-litter, tucking the snoozing hog back up […]

The Calendar Road: January 2015

January went by with wild winds, snow and hail. Sinéad takes to the road on a quieter day with a light dusting of snow underfoot to talk about our weather, the rain and water as a once revered resource. Brought to you in association with…

Ireland’s Wildlife: Fieldfare (Turdus pilaris)

The fieldfare is a large, attractive thrush that is a widespread and abundant winter visitor to these shores. Most of the birds that overwinter here originate in Scandinavia and the number of birds and the time of their arrival varies from year to year depending on the severity of the winter and the state of […]

Digging, for the birds!

Regular IW contributor Albert Nolan reflects on how a bit of winter digging benefits the bird life in his garden.   It was a day when you would have fought to have a shovel in your hand as the icy wind slipped easily through layers of clothes. I was finishing off a new bed that I had […]

The Calendar Road: February 2014

The last day of February sees Sinéad take a walk midway along the Calendar Road and a detour takes her into a forested area, here she talks about the benefits of one of the most prolific plants that grows along the road. Click play in the audio player  below to listen to April’s Calendar Road podcast here — or […]

The Calendar Road: January 2014

The last day of January sees another wet start to the day, the fields around the Calendar Road are looking worse for wear, muddy and wet.  On this months show Sinéad talks about birds that call the Calendar Road home. And welcomes the Spring with some optimism despite the wet, chilly weather. Click play in […]

The Calendar Road: December 2013

This month has been fierce at times with high winds over the Festive Season. Sinéad talks about traditional weather signs from the sun, the moon and wildlife, a few tips for amateur meteorologists and we look forward to a new year on The Calendar Road. Click play in the audio player  below to listen to […]

BBC Winterwatch starts tonight!

Winterwatch — the BBC’s live wildlife follow up to Springwatch and Autumnwatch, starts tonight from the fabulous Aigas Field Centre in the Scottish Highlands. The show airs on BBC2 and BBC HD for four nights starting tonight (Monday 14/01/2013) from 20:30 to 21:30, and continuing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00 to 21:00. Regular […]

Waxwing invasion of Ireland continues

The influx of waxwings continues, with reports of these striking birds coming in from all over the country. I finally managed to hook up with a small flock in Clonakilty, County Cork over the weekend… and what a lovely lot they were too. Here are a few photographs. The waxwing irruption seems to have been […]

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