Would you support a gull cull — Ireland’s Wildlife reader poll

Gull cull, yes or no?

Should we cull gulls? What do you think?

The gull cull debate goes on, and despite the publication of some more balanced articles over the course of the weekend / early this week, there is still a lot of misinformation out there vilifying gulls.

We’re running a poll here on Ireland’s Wildlife (we kicked it off on this post about the gull cull

debate last week, but are giving it its own page to encourage more people to vote).

Fuelled by sensational headlines about gulls killing adult sheep and knocking people off motorbikes a poll on popular news site TheJournal.ie shows just over half of the respondents supporting a cull. We thought we’d ask the same question here to see what a more wildlife aware readership thought of the notion.

Let us know what you think, and view the results so far, in the poll below.

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  1. Hello,
    I think one answer to the increasing number of gulls could be addressed by the harbour officialdom or county council or whoever, not allowing the open feeding of gulls by the fish selling shops/trawler owners on our coastal harbours. I can only speak for Howth fishing harbour and almost every morning open lorries can be seen parked on the pierside packed with fish bits and guts, quite obiously left out and being swarmed by the seagulls. Some of whom can hardly fly they are so fattened up by this. I thought it was illegal to dispose of fish remains in this way but apparently it’s not as this is done openly. Most mornings it’s possible to witness a ‘gull picnic’ on the entrance to the harbour where the fish shops are and you can hardly pass where this is happening.

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