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Love Ireland’s Wildlife? Download Wild Valentine’s Day Wallpaper

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow here’s a little gift for all of you who love Ireland’s wonderful wildlife… a special “I ♥ Ireland’s Wildlife” wallpaper to dress up your PC desktop / tablet.


The wallpaper features an image of a Common Dolphin taken off the coast of West Cork in December last year.

To download the full-size image:

  • Right click on the image above
  • Choose “Save link as…” or similar (exact wording may vary from browser to browser — the important thing is to save the “link” to the full size image, rather than “Save image as” which will simply download the scaled-down version you see on this page)
  • Choose a handy location to save the file (the Desktop usually works well)
  • Once it’s downloaded right click the file on the desktop (or wherever else you saved it), and select “Set as desktop background” (on windows PCs — for Macs / tablets the process may be a little bit different)
  • Alternatively open the image in your favourite image viewer, and choose the “set as desktop” option there (most offer this feature in one form or another)
  • Enjoy! And don’t forget to share the love using the convenient sharing icons below…

Calvin Jones About Calvin Jones

Calvin Jones is a freelance writer, author, birder and lifelong wildlife enthusiast. He is founder and managing editor of IrelandsWildlife.com. He lives in West Cork, and spends as much time as possible getting closer to Ireland's wildlife, and sharing it with others.

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