Ireland’s Wildlife’s new Official Bird Food Partner

Ireland's WIldlife Official Bird Food PartnerIreland’s wildlife is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Europe’s leading wild bird food supplier.

CJ Wildlife is now our Official Bird Food Partner, and will supply food, feeders and other products to help us attract even more of our feathered friends and other wildlife into the Ireland’s Wildlife garden. Naturally we’ll be sharing our experiences with the wildlife and the products with all of you via this website and our social media platforms, so stay tuned for updates.

Why CJ Wildlife?

CJ Wildlife is Europe’s largest bird food supplier. The company was founded by bird and wildlife enthusiasts, and grew from humble roots in rural Shropshire through its commitment to research, innovation and feed development that puts the welfare of the birds first. It has been instrumental in the growth of Europe’s bird food market, to the benefit of birds and people. When the company started in 1987  just 18 common bird species were being fed in gardens… now that figure is over 80.

It now operates across 10 European countries, including Ireland, through its Irish portal at

The company’s approach and ethos — of putting wildlife first, innovating and encouraging more people to engage with nature — is a great fit for what we do here at Ireland’s Wildlife. I’m sure this partnership will help bring more wildlife into the Ireland’s Wildlife garden, and present great opportunities to share more exciting content with you, the Ireland’s Wildlife community.

I’ll leave the final word to Charlotte from CJ Wildlife…

“We are proud to be the official garden bird food partner of Ireland’s Wildlife, we’re confident that our shared passion and knowledge will enable us to provide useful and relevant resources and products to benefit Irish wildlife.”

Charlotte Jones, Marketing and PR Co-ordinator, CJ Wildlife

About Calvin Jones

Calvin Jones is a freelance writer, author, birder and lifelong wildlife enthusiast. He is founder and managing editor of He is also the tour leader and wildlife guide on our West Cork based Discover Wildlife tours.
Calvin is also co-author of bestselling digital marketing titles and offers digital business consulting services and training through Digital Marketing Success


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