National Parks and Wildlife Service


The National Parks and Wildlife Service is part of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. It is responsible for managing the Irish State’s nature conservation responsibilities.

It’s principle roles are to:

  • secure the conservation of a representative range of ecosystems and maintain and enhance populations of flora and fauna in Ireland
  • implement the EU Habitats and Birds Directives
  • designate and advise on the protection of Natural Heritage Areas (NHA) having particular regard to the need to consult with interested parties
  • make arrangements for the implementation of National and EU legislation and policies and for the ratification and implementation of the range of international Conventions and Agreements relating to the natural heritage
  • manage, maintain and develop State-owned National Parks and Nature Reserves.
  • The service’s website offers an overview of Ireland’s six national parks, details of protected sites, nature reserves around the country, publications, licensing, useful links and other state wildlife and nature resources. Definitely one for every wildlife enthusiast in Ireland to bookmark!

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  1. I would like someone to come to our town and do a walk around giving advice as to how we can make our town more wildlife friendly and also to plan out an area for an ecology trail.

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