Swarovski Optik announces modular ATX / STX spotting scope

Swarovski Optik's brand new ATX / STX modular spotting scope systemPrestige Austrian optics manufacturer SWAROVSKI OPTIK has announce a radical new redesign of the spotting scope with its modular ATX / STX modular scope system.

The new design incorporates two eyepiece modules (offering a straight or angled wide-angle zoom) and three detachable, interchangeable objective lens section. This radical redesign allows Swarovski to bring its the legendary field-flattener technology (dubbed Swarovision), that it employs in its flagship EL binoculars, to its new scope lineup.

Aimed squarely at birding and wildlife enthusiasts and professionals the system boasts 65mm(25-60x) , 85mm (25-60x) and 95mm (30-70x) bayonet-fitting objective modules that allow you to change your scope to suit different birding /viewing demands as easily as you’d change lenses on your SLR camera.

Check out this introductory video from Swarovski outlining the main features:

“What SWAROVSKI OPTIK stands for is embodied in the hawk featured in our logo,” said Carina Schiestl-Swarovski, Chairwoman of the Executive Board of SWAROVSKI OPTIK. “We want to rediscover the world through its eyes: razor-sharp, quick to react and in complete awe of the beauty of nature. The new ATX/STX telescopes allow the hawk to spread its wings with renewed strength and to catch sight of things that were previously invisible, but are now revealed in unimaginable brilliance. I am delighted that, thanks to our close consultation and cooperation with users, we have managed to successfully reinvent the telescope.”

That’s some claim… but the Swarovski ATX / STX certainly looks like a ground breaking product by a company that’s become well known for raising the bar of optical excellence.

I can’t wait to take a look through one… but may have to wait a while… they will be available through specialist Swarovski Optik dealers from September 2012.


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  1. Very clever and so simple. Would love to compare one with a similar sized objective standard Swaro scope.

  2. Swarovski Optik has always been known for manufacturing some remarkable spotting scopes. These devices are a living example of that. i had bought one from http://www.opticauthority.com/. I’m a happy user…

  3. I purchased this scope from http://www.opticauthority.com/ and I must say I’m a happy user. Swarovski Optik always lives upto the expectation when it comes to spotting scopes.

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