Whale Watch Ireland 2015


On Sunday 23 August, as part of Heritage Week 2015, the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group is hosting its annual shore-based all-Ireland whale-watching event, Whale Watch Ireland.

Whale-Watch-Ireland-mapTaking place at 20 land-based vantage points around the coast of the Island of Ireland, the event aims to raise awareness of the 24 species of cetaceans that occur in Irish waters. It also provides researchers with a useful annual snapshot of cetacean activity right around the Irish coastline on a single afternoon.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get out and try your hand at shore-based whale watching, and to pick up tips from local experts that will improve your chances of seeing whales and dolphins both on the day and in the future.

There is no charge for this open event, and there’s no need to book — just turn up at your local headland between 2pm and 5pm on the day.

The IWDG recommends bringing along binoculars and spotting scopes if you have them, and appropriate clothing for the conditions on the day.

NB. There are no boat trips involved as part of Whale Watch Ireland — this is a land-based event.

I’ll be attending my local event on Galley Head in West Cork — I look forward to seeing some of you there.

For more information contact your local organiser (see details below).

Whale Watch Ireland contacts


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